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    Image CAPTURE never starts LDMS9 SP3


      We have had a plethora of issues since updating our LDMS9 to SP3.  The ones we keep finding we eventually fix,which in turn pops up a new issue.  All seem to be geared around the PXE Menu.  We've had issues getting the PXE Menu to load once PXE booted on certain subnets, then only working 50% of the time, then never for certain machines.  We've identified corrupted BOOT.WIM files and fixed them, corrupted driver libraries, corrupted or not-updated files, and on and on.  It's been a joy.


      Our most current issue is, now that we have everything else resolved we can PUSH images to computers, but we cannot CAPTURE images from computers.  There are no errors, we simply choose the defined CAPTURE task from the PXE Menu, the menu disappears so the blue LANDesk background is shown, then nothing.


      So far I have tried:

      • Verifying it's not a PXE Rep issue, and on different subnets that have PXE Reps.
      • Verified it's not the BOOT.WIM again.
      • Tried multiple different computer models.
      • Verified it's not a rights issue by using several highest priviledge accounts, verifying access rights both in Windows and from the NET USE command at a prompt while PXE booted.
      • Created new CAPTURE tasks, and even new tasks using different 'Image Type' options - ImageW (default), ImageX, and Ghost.
      • Checked the LOG files and found no errors.


      The Drive Activity light on the PXE booted machines that the CAPTURE task has been launched on (and nothing is happening on) does blink every second, like there is attempted activity, but I'll be darned if I can find any active tasks running on those machines - they seem to simply be sitting and doing nothing.  Typically there are 2 or 3 quick DOS windows that pop-up, then about a 60-Second wait, and then the upload starts to happen.  But like I said, since fixing all our other problems, this is the newest.  If I can get this fixed, then I get to try and figure out why HII doesn't work.  Glee.


      Any ideas greatly appreciated!