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    Management of separate instances of LANDesk Service Desk


      We are setting up our development project, with the aim of going live with LDSD in 2-3 months time.


      We have recently set up separate Live, Test and Development versions of LDSD.  We would like to be able to quickly identify which instance we are currently using.

      We are intesrested in learning how others have tackled this problem.  Some ideas that we have had are listed below:


      a) Change the login screen for the console and the portal - either add large text such as "(Test Version)" or "(Development Version)"; or change the background colour of the login.


      b) Change other screens similarly - but how many screens do we need to change, and what kind of changes work best?


      This is as much a psychological question as a technical question, so all replies gratefully received!


      Best wishes

      Mark Thornton

      University of Cambridge