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    Export Software List


      Hi All


      Still messing around with bits and pieces in LanDesk but I have been asked to provide a list of all software installed across the business in preperation for an OS upgrade. Is there someway to export simply the list of software (possibly with install counts)?

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          Bradley_M Apprentice

          To get counts for things I usually put things into excel and then do a pivot table.


          I would create a generic query that would target your entire environment and put Add/Remove Program->Program->Name as a column but not put a qualifier.  That will dump all your computers and each of the software programs on them.  Export that to a CSV and then in Excel create a pivot table out of it.  That will give you a count of every piece of software in your environment.  When I am doing this I usually include Computer Location and Primary Owner in the query too to use in the table.


          The only thing to be careful is that if you have a very large environment the console might not be able to take the query.  Might be simply too big as it will probably be around 50 software pieces x # of computers judging from my environment.  The query might time out.

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            Yeah, 1700 computers with a fair amount of software is causing us an issue certainly.

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              Bradley_M Apprentice

              It depends on how amped up your servers are.  Mine can take that level of computers.  I just tried and it translated out to 230K rows and took about 60 seconds to resolve.


              Otherwise I would just try making a query and make a column for each piece of software you actually care about.  Personally I don't like making counts with the reporting engine and find it easier doing the manipulation in excel.  Especially if you don't have to make the report that pretty and just want the counts.

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                Was getting there when a worthy colleague in another office produced the necessary list. Not sure how he did it yet but I'll post back when I know

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                  zman Master

                  You could use the report designer.  I've attached three files:

                  1. Total Software is a very simple query that lists device name and Application suite name.
                  2. Total Software No Devices is a very simple report that lists software with counts.
                  3. Total Software W Devices is a same report withe the devices listed.


                  You can import these play around with them and use this doc as a guide. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22170