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    OS Deployment (Win7 SP1) to Dell Latitide E6x2x models


      I finally got my HII working again after our upgrade to LDMS9 SP3.  However, I cannot get my "Thin" image to push to any of the Dell Latitude E6x2x series model laptops.


      I can boot into WinPE and access my "Thin" image from from the menu and launch it, and the push acts normal EXCEPT when it gets to the 'OS Deployment' status GUI.  This GUI pops up for about 1 second then closes.  The remaining LDCLIENT pop-up windows open until it gets to when the DISKINFO pop-up should launch, and then nothing - it sits on the WinPE desktop indefinitely.  The image does NOT get pushed.  I checked my job .LOG file, and there are no differences between a normal successful push to other models and to the E6x2x failed pushes, except where the DISKINFO should launch - there is nothing past that in the .LOG.


      I did a GOB of research, and finally thought MAYBE it might have something to do with the 512e drives in the E6x2x models.  I'm not sold on this for two reasons:  1)  I have a "Thick" Win7 SP1 image with all my apps and settings with everything patched up to 2 weeks ago, and I CAN push that image to the E6x2x models with no issues; and 2)  I have a WinXP "Thin" image setup for HII, and even though I have no XP drivers for that model of laptop in my driver library, I CAN push the WinXP SP3 "Thin" image to that model, and it goes through all the Push steps successfully.


      Anyway, I wondered if I would have the same problem with an SSD drive on one of the models the "Thin" image works on, so I swapped out the drive in a system I had succesfully pushed to with an SSD drive, and LO!  The same problem.


      I then decided maybe I needed to patch my "Thin" image with all the current OS patches and throw the default Dell 512e drive in the image just in case.  So I grabbed an older 80GB SATA (I figured 80GB is the smallest size we will run into with imaging any machine) and threw it into the model that works with its default drive, and Hmmm.  The problem existed for that drive too, and it is neither SSD or 512e.  I tested the "Thick" image on the 80GB drive, and that pushes fine, then threw the default 360GB drive back in that machine, and the "Thin" image works again.


      So I'm at a loss.  Any ideas?

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          It turns out it did indeed have to do with 512e Enahnced drives and the image itself.  I updated my image to include Windows 7 SP1 and all Enahnced drive updates, and just to be sure threw in the Dell recommended update for the drives, and now the image actually pushes properly.


          I'm going to venture a guess here, as I don't know the ACTUAL cause, but I might surmise that when the image push began with my previous "Thin" image that when it looked at the drive and didn't see any 512k data sectors it just assumed there was nothing to push to and closed instantly.  With all the right updates and enhanced drive drivers in place, it recognizes the 4k data sectors and is happy as can be.


          And now I (and you) know!