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    Migrating a Process


      Hi Everyone,


      It's been a while so bear with me if this is a rubbish question:


      Can you migrate a process from one system to another i.e. Test to Prod along with any new Objects, Templates, Windows (well everything new) etc.?


      I seem to remember that there is a way to get an XML extract of the metadata in the databse from the Console somewhere (nice and helpfull I know)


      I appreciate that this is a bit lightweight on detail, I am no longer working with the system and apparently my memory isn't as good as I thought it was...


      All comments welcome (seriously all )





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          Hi Dave


          You're talking about Design Transfer.  If you take a look at the LDSD Designer manual it's covered in there.  Also check out this thread Dave had some great tips on it :-)




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            I nod in Helens direction :-) Keep in mind some of those comments are getting a little elderly, so you could ask your local support team to see if there is any sort of current best practise DT document and encourage them to upload it


            [hint to LANDesk!]

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              I'd definitely second DT documentation. [BIG hint to LANDesk  ]


              I tend to try and look at the transfer in as logical a manner as I can. I know that it's meant to be clever and if you're missing something it creates it or asks what you want to use but I prefer, if I have everything working in pre-prod, to transfer all my working stuff.


              So if I want to transfer a process.  I'll look and see if I have any new windows that were created for that process cause I'll need those transferred before the process, then is there a reference list or some new attribute on the window, I'll transfer this before the window and then the process.  Hope this is making sense.  I've had less issues doing it this way than just transferring in any order.



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                Thanks a lot, I'll check this all out in further detail.


                Thanks again