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    Unable to connect to SQL DB while using Remote Console on Windows 7 SP1 (x64)


      Recently installed LDMS 9 and followed the current upgrade path to LDMS 9 (SP3) on a Windows 2008 R2 (x64). Currently only managing 200 nodes on an extended college campus and thus suing the free version of SQL 2005 Express. I've been working exclusively on the core server and decided to begin the installation of a Remote Console on my client workstation running Windows 7 (SP1). Now I know LDMS does not officially support the remote console on Windows 7 SP1 (x64) since thorough testing had not been completed yet. However there are many stories of others successfully installing on a Windows 7 (SP1) x64 so looking for some help.


      I was actually successful in deploying LDMS Remote Console as a distributed tasks to two windows clients; in addition, to the SP3 patch. However, when attempting to login I authenticate fine however unable to connect to the SQL database. I am running Active Directory and as stated I've been successful when working on the CORE so I know my accounts and credentials are fine.


      The issue seems to be when trying to connect to the SQL DB. Since I'm a newbie to SQL DB, performed some lookup and could only find articles referring to hard coding the IP information for the pipes and tcpip settings within SQL DB. Has anyone experienced any similar issues?


      BTW.. I did perform a registry check to check the various HKLM keys to ensure the appropriate permissions were set. See below for screenshot...



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          Is this happening on all the Windows 7 64bit machines on only on this one?

          Is this happening for example on an XP machine as well?

          Are you local administrator of the Windows 7 machine?

          Have you tried, as a test, to disable the windows firewall?

          Have you set in Internet Explorer a proxy ? If yes may you try to remove the proxy settings in Internet Explorer (even the authomatic proxy settings), reboot and retry the console again?

          These are my initial ''ideas" about what can possibly go wrong.