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    How to add Login Name or LDAP User Column when viewing All Devices?


      Hi all,


      The title pretty much covers it.  In 8.8, I was able to see the Login Name column when viewing All Devices.  However, I don't have any columns available when I try to add it in version 9.  How do I do this?


      Also, I've read that Win7 machines can have bad info for Login Name, so it's been suggested to use LDAP User instead when generating queries.  Does that also work well when viewing All Devices?


      Thank you!


      EDIT:  It appears the Owner column that is already there is the same as the LDAP Name column available in Queries.  This gives me the info I'm looking for, though it is a bit unwieldy.  Is there a way to add LDAP User First Name and LDAP User Last Name columns?


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          RE:  Owner column and a warning.


          On Windows 7 machines with LDMS 9, the Owner column is not real-time information.  I'm in an education environment and the owner name is almost never accurate when it shows a student's name.  Practically speaking, the only time it is accurate is when I see a secretary's name listed for his/her computer.  This is because typically only that one secretary logs onto that computer.


          There were one or more ERs floating around for real-time information on this topic, but so far there is no apparent progress being made.  If I need to see who is on the computer I use the "who is logged in" option under "windows tools" on right-click.  This came with the Landesk Plugin titled:  LANDesk Support Tools_Beta_8a.exe


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