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    Unable to query Request attributes from Process Management Module


      I'm creating a query based on the Process Management Module and the Process object. I can see the Request object in the list; however, when I query any of the Request attributes, I get no results. We just started using the Request Management module so I'm wondering if it's a relationship issue. Any help is appreciated!



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          Firstly I will admit I'm not that hot on queries so if anyone can add anything or correct me feel free.


          I'm not too sure why you've created a relationship between Process and Request and then are quering standard Request attributes as the Process module is the parent if you like, and will contain all the standard attributes (Id, Title, Description etc) that you find in IPCR.  I would either amend your query and use the attributes from Process itself with a criteria say of Lifecycle.Title = Request Process Name so it'll only return Request processes or if you're only wanting to query Request then I'd maybe look at building the query in the Request Module.    Most of the queries we have built in the Process Module have been done there as we want to return all IPCRs assigned to a person, or assigned to a group or so on.