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    Capture LDAP info to Landesk



      I'm trying to remote excute the following attach scripts using landesk, the scripts work fine running locally.



      When running locally the key is added to the system's registry, but when using remote execute on landesk. nothing happens.



      i've update your ldappl3 file to search for the registry keys , Any help is appreciated. Thanks.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          How do you run it exactly?


          Because I'm hoping you're using "startasuser" ... because if you're not, 99% of your clients will be running this a LOCAL SYSTEM (which - you'll find - doesn't exactly have a lot of LDAP info ).


          Remember - software distribution checks by default whether we have local admin-rights. If we do not, we relaunch ourselves as LOCAL SYSTEM (to have the rights to be able to actually do stuff) rather than staying in user context.


          This is what "startasuser" has been designed for - so you may want to rework this to be called by a batch file, and have startasuser call the entire thing (You can read up on it by using the help / searching for it).


          Hope this helps.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            Using Landesk Manage script to create a schedule task.





            ;  LANDesk(R) Management Suite Custom Script



            ; MACHINES_NT - After the commands in the MACHINES section have been processed

            ; this section will be processed for each machine that is a Windows NT* or

            ; Windows* 2000 system.  The type of computer is determined by the information

            ; returned by PDS when the computer is discovered. Like the MACHINES section

            ; this section can include both local (LOCxxx) and remote (REMxxx) commands.



            REMEXEC1= cscript file://%5C%5Cldserver%5CCustomScripts%5CDeptInfo%5Ccaptureldapinfo.vbs









            most of users have admin rights to their system.



            I'm using LD 8.7 SP3 function available? do i need LD 8.8? Thanks a million