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    Softmon problem


      Is there any way to exclude a program from softmon monitoring? We have a serious issue. During testing of the newest version of our main clinical application, we found that it will not launch if softmon is running (on Windows 7 machines only). So if we could prevent softmon from interacting with our application, maybe it would run. If this is not possible, what functionality do we loose if we disable softmon on all our Windows 7 computers, as we will have no other options?

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          zman Master

          Do you have LANDesk Antivirus/Hips, or just standard softmon for SLM? If standard Softmon there is no way to exclude a process. I would however make sure that somebody has NOT marked that exe/program as blocked/denied. This will prevent the program from running. I've never heard of Softmon preventing a program from running.  Youclould run sysinternals process explorer and see what is causing the block. Maybe your Antivirus/Hips is seeing softmon monitoring the launch and see that as suspicious. Try excluding the softmon process from Antivirus.  If all fails you need to contact support to get this squared away. I would guess it is a combination of things rather than softmon on its own.