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    Outbound Emails to External mail systems not working


      I have two Analysts who are not apart of our Domain i.e. they are not on our exchange server.  The problem we are having is that we need emails to go to their email accounts which is another email system.  What is happening is that email (and it is just not these two analyst) to a email address outside our organisation does not seem to go.  This very well could be a exchange problem but I am not sure where to start.  I have tried creating new accounts giving them email addresses outside the organisation and they do not recieve and reminder, notes, breach alert emails or even reciept of emails.


      We do get this error in logs which I am assuming is related.


      Unable to send to all recipients.; Mailbox unavailable. The server response was: 5.7.1 Unable to relay


      So i am assuming it is a relay issue, how does the Outbound Email send it's emails so that I can start to try and figure out how to allow exchange to send these emails.  I though it would just use the support email account to send out the email.


      Really need help asap

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          The issue was the way the Service Desk outbound mail was talking to Exchange 2007.  We were using annonymous and using TLS authentication however this was working for internall would not relay out to external addresses.


          Create a new Recieve Connector on Exchange 2007


          Configure the recieve mail from remote servers to these IP Addresses



          Configure Authentication

          Tick - Transport Layer Security TLS must apply this before you tick the next option

          Tick - Externally Secured

          Everything else untick


          Configure Permission Groups

          Tick - Exchange Servers

          Everything else untick


          Restart Transport Service, this does not always have to be done.


          Screen Shots for configuration.