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    Leaver Process

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      Hi All


      Just a quick question. How do you all of you deal with leavers in the system?


      Obviously you can just delete them as they will be soft deleted but  I presume this means if they then come back you need to run a script on the database to ressurect them in the sytem.


      or is there a way of creating a leavers module which allows them to be temorarily moved out of the main user queries and if they return they can be moved back to the main searches.


      Hope this make sense I suppose Im asking what you all think is the best/more efficient process to adopt




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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          What I have done in our environment is created a boolean check-box for  "Is Disabled" and one for "Is Hidden".  We use the "Is Disabled" when people leave.  I have a query written that will show all employees who are NOT disabled (Is Disabled is NOT equal to True; this takes into account any NULL items) and then I have applied that query against items such as our Raise User and any other attribute that may need to show only valid accounts.


          This way, if they come back, simply remove the "Is Disabled" check and they are back in the game.   


          We use "Is Hidden" for cases where we have a valid user but we do not want them to be shown in the queries or drop-down lists.  Examples would be contractors or consultants.


          I hope this helps.