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    Inventory data missing


      I'm sure this is a configuration mistake on our part but figured I would ask just in case.

      So, I am able to pull patch information from LANDesk to figure out if a machine received an install, needs an install, or the install does not apply.

      I set up a query to pull the following data;

      Patch and Compliance Definitions --> Vulnerability ID --> LIKE "MS12"

      This has been pulling all the 2012 Microsoft patches. Today I run the query to update my reports but machines are no longer showing MS12-001 - MS12-017 as being installed. I check a machine's inventory and sure enough, none of the previous patches are showing up. I only see MS-018 through MS-035 .Ran a full sync on a few machines just to see if they just uploaded bad data. Nothing. The machines are definitely patched as they were showing up in previous reports.


      How would I go about getting that inventory data back and prevent this "purge" from occurring in the future?



      Thanks for any help!

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          I think, but am not positive this has to do with the "Gather Historical Data" tool... In the Patch tool, click the icon that is of a clock & calendar, then choose "Gather Historical Data", there you will have the option on how long to keep this information.


          I am not sure what effect this will have if you set the dates for a really long period, I think the default is for 30 & 90 days

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            Looks like we're set up for the defaults of 30 days for historical data and 90 days for the definitions published less than 90 days.

            Would there be a way to pull that legacy data from the database (not sure if LANDesk caches that old data in the database and simply doesn't display it though the management console or if it goes through and purges it strait out of the database)?