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    Cursor moving from selected field


      Hi Guys


      I have a bit of a strange one.


      A few of our Servicedesk analysts are reporting when logging new incidents and they click in the Raise User field and start typing, after a couple of characters the cursor is jumping down into the next field, it then hangs and they can't type or click for it to return to the proper field.  It will eventually come back to life but it's starting to annoy them.  We have a complex list on the Raise User field (see attached) and the cursor jumps down into that.  Problem is I can't replicate it.  I have seen it happening up on the Servicedesk, but try as I might I can't work out what is happening.  Users are all on Windows 7 OS if this makes a difference (as am I), and it doesn't make a difference if they type slow or fast, I'd originally thought they were maybe hitting a shortcut key or something but doesn't appear to be the case as even one finger typing is causing it to happen.  It doesn't happen with every new Incident it's just one of those little things that is starting to bug the life out of them as they're trying to log an Incident and console is hanging.


      We're all using console (no-one has reported anything on webdesk) and on 7.4.


      Thanks for any help