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    Site deployment with exceptions?


      Brand new LANDesk customer here.  Going to start deploying the client site-wide within a few weeks, and I've got a question...


      We need to deploy the client to approximately 300 Macs.  The obvious, easy way to do this is simply scan the network and do a push from the core - which is fine.


      Except that we've got about 15 special individuals who don't get managed.  We don't want to install the LANDesk client on their machines.


      And, to make things even more interesting, we're running a Windows server for DHCP and DNS, which means we can't really trust the machine name returned by a DNS query.


      So, my question - since we can't trust DNS results and these machines don't have static addresses - is there a good way to query a Mac for a username or anything like that to filter it out from client deployment?

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          Chris  One option would be to edit the /etc/hostconfig file on the 15 machines and put in a hostname=XXXX where XXXX is the computer name. This will make the machine not query DNS for its network name and then you can trust the name that is returned when you do a scan.

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            Hmmm...  I don't think that did what I was hoping it would do.


            I just edited /etc/hostconfig on my test machine, and added the line HOSTNAME=mbptest.testdomain.corp


            I rebooted the machine, then ran device discovery on that machine's IP address hoping to see it come up with "mbptest" somewhere in the name...  But, instead, I got the name of the last Windows machine to grab that IP address from DHCP.


            If I bring up the terminal on that Mac it now shows [email protected] so I know it's seeing the edited file, and showing the appropriate hostname...  But the LANDesk console is still showing whatever stale records it finds in DNS.