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    Show an Incident as a collection on an Incident




      Hope you are all enjoying the same sunshine as we are it is a rare occurrence up here!!


      Does anyone know if it is possible, and if so, how you would do it, to be able to link 1 incident to another without using Parent/Child?  What I'd really be after would be something along the lines of Incident Change/Incident Problem, where I can show the Problem on the Incident.



      We have the main default incident process, and are currently developing another incident process for alerts.  There may be the scenario where an Alert Incident could generate a major incident using the default process.  This major incident will potentially have lots of children.  We would ideally like to be able to link the two incidents (major incident and alert incident) together but not as parent and child, as I don't want 1 resolving the other and would really like to be able to see at a glance in the tree that there is an alert incident associated with this major incident, much like when you link a problem or change.


      After much head scratching I'm no further, can anyone help?





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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Helen


          I think you can still use the same idea of parent and child (create a collection of incidents) but without propagating the actions between the parent / child relationship so that your changes to parent or child don't affect anything linked.

          How do I setup parent child linking in Service Desk?


          Best wishes


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            elizabethcombrink Expert

            Hi Helen


            If you use Parent Child Linking, you can use filters to display the different "types" of child incidents at the bottom of the window.  I'm kinda moving away from using the tree in Console as its not in use in the web version, and people who are used to using the tree find it difficult to find the same info when they switch to the web version.


            In terms of the parent ticket resolving the children - if the event children are at a status that does not have the resolve action available, it won't resolve.  But the person who is resolving the parent will get the error message to say that some of the kids could not be resolved. But you would have to do some process design for the event children  process to ensure they are at a status that does not have the same Resolve action availble - may be use a precondition on the event process so its not available if the current event process is of a certain type.


            Or maybe, rather than having the setting on the action to replicate the action to the children, can you not use preconditions in the child process to auto resolve, and value type the resolve values from the parent,  if the parent goes into resolve state.  Not sure if this makes sense

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              Thanks Karen and Elizabeth, I'll have a fiddle about today.  Good to know that I have options as I was starting to think it wasn't possible.  I'll let you know how I get on

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                Ok I've very nearly got this working - I think!!


                I can add an Event Incident (parent) onto my default Incident (child) and it shows as a parent collection on the default incident and I can click and expand my collection and in it is the ref no of the Event incident.  Happy days.


                When I look at the Event Incident it "appears" ok.  There is a child collection and when I expanded it I was assuming I'd get the ref no of the Default Incident but I get the Event Incident ref no instead.  So I can open the event incident from within the event incident.  Is that making sense.


                Any ideas where I've gone wrong???

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                  karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                  Great news (and also the sun is still shining where we are today - that's a whole week of sun - unheard of!)


                  Anyway, have a look at the Incident Incident object in Object Designer.  If you go to the Results Output Attributes you should be able to add in the parent and the child to show on a collection tab.  Alternatively look at creating your own filter to add to your window:

                  How do I setup a query on Parent or Child objects?


                  Best wishes


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                    Hi Karen


                    Yes the sun is still shining here too!!  Just a pity we're both in work!!


                    Thanks for the above.  I think however I'll have to admit defeat and log a support call.  Think I've been working so much on this I've actually got lost in what have I done, what haven't I done, and what was I trying to do .


                    I did read a couple of other posts and I'm wondering if what I'm trying to do is acheiveable.  I maybe didn't make this clear at the very start, we have Parent-Child already set up and use it, all works brilliantly, I was basically trying to replicate this but call it Event Parent-Event Child.  As we may have a "normal" Incident classified as a Parent and add "normal" Child incidents to this, but I want to show an Event Parent Incident on it as well and then from the Event Incident be able to show the "normal" Child Incident.  But reading this http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/19148 today it looks like it won't be possible as I think it's this many-to-many relationship that I really want .  I may have to be content with the fact I can reference an Event Incident from the "normal" Incident.


                    Thanks for all your help though