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    Has anyone ever used "AVStandaloneSetup.exe"?


      We are experiencing long delays when installing the LDAV after the agent installation (30-90min) and I need an alternative until we resolve this issue. Our clients bring in their laptops for service so 30-90min isn't an option for an installation that shouldn't take longer than 15min (still too long IMO but it's because of the horrible format of the definitions and 1000s of files).

      Our LD agent is already installed on the computers. Does anyone know if I could then use the AVStandaloneSetup.exe file to install the LDAV? I know that this is originally designed for a computer that would not have an agent



      Sundiata Bradshaw

      Clayton State University

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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          The standalone AV will not do what you want. It cannot be configured with the same options as the AV agennt included in the LANDesk agent. If the LANDesk agent is already installed on the computers, you can use the "Install/Update Security Components" task in the "Security Configurations" tool to only install LANDesk AV.

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            Unfortunately this is not an option, as most of our analysts do not have LD access. We use the self-executable to install the agent for our student clients and the LDAV is an option via a web-based interface that our admin system department has built (using mbsdk I think- that's all I know about it). It basically runs the "vulscan.exe /installav /showui" command.

            A solution is not as simple as including the AV in our agent. This custom interface was just created so that we authenticate our students before installing software (i.e. Office) to stay within our license agreements.


            Is there any other option?


            Also, is there any way to just install the AV without immediately downloading the updates?

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              Would installing the LDAV using this standalone installer cause any problems? I just did a test install and the AV shows under the Inventory of the computer after I ran an inventory scan. I see that it installed using the default LDAV security configurations, which is fine. I was also able to change the security configuration from the console by creating a task. It looks like the LDAV settings for a computer can be completely managed from the console when I use the standalone installer.

              Would there be any issues?