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    Agent Configuration Date not updating


      We've had landesk deployed on our client estate for roughly 5 months with minimal updates to our agents, we're still in the rollout process and we've been looking at now rolling out new power management profiles. I've enabled the 'collect power information' option in the agent and re-pushed the agent via an update settings task, the agent has deployed and I have checked this by also adding the landesk start menu items into this agent revision and the start menu items show up with a created date of the time/date the task was run.


      I'd like to use the Agent Configuration Date in a query to see any agents that have missed a new agent revision, but the date field doesnt appear to update. This is both apparent in the Inventory scans and also if i view the local registry on the machines.


      I've read a few posts which give conflicting information on this field, some say its the original date of agent install while others support my theory that this should update when an agent is revised. Being that there is no way to capture the revision number other than renaming the agent, can any confirm that this date should show the date of the last time the agent was updated? and if so, can anyone shed any light on it being out of date, in some cases by several months.


      Thanks in advance!