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    Outbound email sender address




      our resident email expert is off on holiday so I need to post this question.


      Our Outbound Mail server settings are set so that the 'from' and 'reply' email address are set to seomething like [email protected].


      However, certain emails (from a particular process ??) appear in the SMTP logs with a different 'from' address altogether.


      These emails aren't currently being delivered and I need to find out why the sender address is different.


      Does anyone know where this masking may be set up?


      Many thanks,


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          Hi Keiron


          I believe there are basically three areas where an Outbound email address may be set, and so you should be checking these for your culprit.


          1. Administration -> Mail -> Outbound Mail Server Settings

          This is basically the default setting, meaning that if there is not an address set any where else, then an email will pick up the details from here.


          2. Administration -> Mail -> Inbound E-mail -> Mail Boxes

          Although this is title "Inbound E-mail", this area allows you to create various mailboxes in the system, for outgoing as well as incoming.  The process that sends the email is based on the setting specifed in the "Mapping" field, which then correlates to the Mail -> Mappings area where you will see which process it is.


          3. If you cannot find the cuplrit through any of the above, then it is possible for email settings to be defined within the process itself.  Each core business object has "Reply Display Name" and "Reply E-mail Address" attributes that can be set within a process itself, to customise the sending addresses as required.  To find these, you would need to look within Process Designer.  This includes the design for any Task processes.


          Hopefully this may assist you.





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            Thanks for taking the time to reply Paul.

            I didn't know about the Inbound Email box and there is a mapping for that specific process.

            I'm not sure why this is set up this way but I will try and find out,