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    Failed to get localhost IP.....Inject drivers?

    Matthew Sebastian Rookie

      Hi guys,

      I'm pretty stuck trying to get provisioning working.  I'm getting the following errors:


      • -[LDDrvLoad]--This is not a valid folder name   and Driver Folder List is empty
      • -Then it times out before acquiring an IP address  (error occured releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1) and (Failed to get localhost IP address or resolve core server name)
      • -"no adapater is in state permissible for this operation"


      I've downloaded the network drivers (downloaded 64bit vista and 64bit windows 7) for the PC that I want to put the image on but I can only inject the .ini file.  Should i be able to inject the .cat and .dll files also?  I also made sure that our DHCP filter was open.


      Has anyone had these issues before?? Thank you!