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    Is there a way to combine two or more tasks? Task collection?


      Hey Guys,


      just another question, I didn't find an answer for that even if I search for it.


      Just imagine the following scenario: there are 20 clients with an empty HDD. OS and other settings are going to be installed via provisioning. That works well already :-)

      Just ten of the clients need to have the same kind of software, e.g. Office 2010, Adobe Reader X, Flashplayer 11 and Firefox 12. I managed to create a device collection, so I am able to start one specific task (e.g. Office) to all of the ten clients with one click.


      But is there a way to do that with tasks either? Is it possible to create a 'task collection' with Office, Reader, Flashplayer and Firefox in it? If this is possible, I will be able to assign this single 'task collection' to the device collection.

      At the moment I need to assign one task for Office to the collection, one task for Flashplayer to the collection and so on...


      Can you follow me? :-)


      I appreciate your help! :-)