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    How often does the Lucene folder update and how do you replicate the folder to a hot ready app server?




      We would like to use 'DFS Replication' to replicate the contents of  'D:\Lucene\' to our hot ready backup application server.


      If we run DFSR to replicate the files we get the below error:


           "Rebuild index worker thread <number> encountered an error. "


      Looking in the documentation this is caused:


           "When the User TPS is running as does not have permissions to the Index folder.  This is not normally an issue though if the website or application pool TPS is running as have impersonation turned on it can be an issue."


      If we turn DFSR off we no longer get the issue.


      From what we can see the rebuild goes through the following steps:


        1. Creates a folder called ‘D:\Lucene\index_rebuild’
        2. Builds the Knowledge Files
        3. Copy’s the content of ‘D:\Lucene\index_rebuild’ to ‘D:\Lucene\index’
        4. Removes’ D:\Lucene\index_rebuild’


      It is at point 3 that the permission errors occur  when DFSR is running, This works fine if its off.


      What is the best practice to copy this file to the hot ready sever which is Clustered?


      Thanks for any advise you can provide.


      Kindest Regards,