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    Help needed with Landesk console query for fonts




      For some reason I don’t understand, the query I’ve built to list all devices (Windows and OS-X) with a specific font is not working.  The query I built (All Computers with GOTHAM Fonts) could not be simpler: "Computer"."Software"."Fonts"."Font"."Name"  =  "Gotham-Medium".  As you can see, that font appears in the list of scanned values. I haven’t filtered on OS or even on LDAP domain.


      Yet, when I run this query, it produces only ONE result:  an iMAC OS-X machine.  This makes no sense to me since no less than 93 Windows machines have successfully received a Gotham_Fonts LANDesk deployment package.  BTW, I've tried "LIKE" and "> <" operators as well as wildcard * but still NG.  Any help would be gratefully accepted.  TIA!