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    Survey Reminder (7.3.2)


      Afternoon all, in an effort to increase our incident survey response rate, I have been asked to send a survey reminder after 48 hours.  At the moment, 30% of our resolved incidents receive a resolution email with a link to complete a survey in, this is sent at the time of resolution.  The incident then sits at the Resolved status until the user either completes a survey (then the incident will close) or no action is taken on the incident for 7 days - at which point, it will auto-close.


      We want to now send another email reminder with the link to complete the survey after 48 hours, so, I have put an automatic action on our process after the Resolve action which now sets the resolved date so that I can create a query (which I have done) that looks for any incident which has been at the Resolved status for more than 48 hours.  I then created a scheduled bulk action usnig this query to automatically send a survey reminder, this works, but, I'm not sure how to stop it from sending a survey reminder every day now until the 7 days is reached and the incident aut-closes, anyone got any ideas?




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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Good Afternoon Nic


          Adding another criteria on your query which looks for only those incidents resolved within the previous 72 hours should catch most of these .


          Alternatively, you could think about having the process automatically move to another status after a survey reminder is sent out?  Then your query could exclude those at the status after the survey reminder has been sent.


          Or perhaps design it so that a checkbox on the incident gets set automatically when the survey reminder gets sent and you exclude any incidents with this checkbox set to true from your query.  The checkbox could be set by a bulk action which runs after the other one or via a calculation.


          Best wishes


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            Thanks Karen, I've set this up and will give it a whirl, seems to me it will do the trick!