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    Raise User Filtering




      We are using Service Desk 7.5 and have a long list of end users, but are unable to automatically populate the organisations they come from when raising incidents.


      We user the End User feld and they are within the Customer Filed as users, we do not currently use or want to use the company field. I've seen that its possible by populating and relating the user, company and customer fields, but i dont want to use all three.


      Could anyone help as I am about to roll out self service, but need this to work first.


      Many thanks



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          hi Ian,

          we would have 40,000 plus end users coming from 5 different organisations. We differentiated by creating a reference object and then linked this to both the User object and the Incident object.

          we then created a copy rule so that whenever an incident is created the organisation is copied to the incident value. Once we had done this we use it to drive various other things such as category rules (added the organisation as a variation to the Response Agreements), filters etc.