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    Object collection function.


      I have created a incident object which is a collection inside the incident for handling calls to Support Centers new object called Service Center Call with action in incident called Add Service Center Call.  When the call is carried out they need to write the Call Reference down in the Service Center Call window, I would like this to be directly shown on the incident form instead of having to access it from the tree.  I tried creating a Object in incident call service reference and putting this on the Service Center Call window but when you access it from the call window it is read only.  Is there away I could get some sort of function working to do this I am not saying what I am doing is how I want it done I just want the Tech person to hit Add Call write reference in and then it writes in to the form.  But I do also want the service center call to appear in tree with created date and by who.

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          Sounds like you can use Copy Rules for this.  When the Tech hit's Add Call action, they would fill out the form as specified.  Once the form is saved, you can have a copy rule populate the field on the main form.

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            Just tried to implement that, as this is the perfect solution to my problem.  However I am trying to create the rule but it does not seem to take.


            Is this something that would require service changes to take place before it works?

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              Copy Rules should work without any service changes.  I believe I'm using Copy Rules in a similar way that you are requesting, see if this is any different than how you set it up:


              -       Create a new Copy Rule under the Target Object.  For example, create a new Copy Rule on the Request Business Object under the Request Management Module

              -       Select the events that trigger your Copy Rule, you can choose as many as you like (Initialize, Create, Update, Value Changed)

              -       Select your Target attribute.  I created a text attribute on my main Request Object to hold this information.

              -       Select your Sources.  I selected Create User/Title from my collection

              -       Always execute rule and Overwrite checked


              What this does for me is populate my main form with the name of who created the collection.  If that same collection is added again, the form updates with the latest create user.

              Hopefully this didn’t confuse you even more!