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    IP Address change



      As usual, I have a bizarre environment. The vast majority of my agents are not on the network with the LD core, and use Management Gateway. This is probably beside the point in this question.



      My users use a Juniper SSL VPN to call into the network. When they connect, they are assigned a private IP address within the HQ scope. Landesk dutifully runs an inventory scan, and then reports this IP address (the VPN address) as the primary IP for the agent. This would not be a real issue (for the most part) if Landesk then ran an inventory scan when the machines disconnected from the SSL VPN (as most do at the end of the day). Unfortunately, it does not, and I'm stuck after hours with a bunch of IP addresses that go nowhere for remote control, for push distribution, etc. It's worse for computers that don't get used every day, such as spare machines.



      Our inventory scans are set up to run once a day, with a one hour randomization, in addition to when the IP address changes.  However, the 8.8 agent that we recently rolled does not appear (maybe?) to be running these once a day scans, as not a single one of those agents seems to switch from the SSL VPN address at any time as reported by Landesk. 



      Anyone have any ideas? The SSL address can be very useful during the day, but I need it to update when the IP changes!