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    brokerconfig/script for Macs?


      New LANDesk customer...  Just racked our Management Gateway today.  Ran through the setup guides, including scheduling the "Create Management Gateway Client Certificate" script.  Which ran just fine on our Windows machines...  But reports "The specified procedure could not be found" with a return code 127 on our Mac clients.


      Did a little more reading and there's mention of BrokerConfig for Windows...  But, again, not a whole lot about the Mac side of things.


      Some of the documentation I've found seems to indicate that there's some kind of GUI .app to configure the gateway on a Mac...  But I'm not seeing any .apps on my Mac at all.  I've got a LANDesk icon up in the menubar (with options for Software Portal, Vulnerability Scan, and Inventory Scan) but that's it.  Digging around a bit, I was able to find some stuff that looks promising in /usr/LANDesk - but I've got no idea what to do with it.

      So...  Any suggestions?