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    HII - Dell Latitude E6320 and E5520 - Intel graphics drivers refuse to work

    JSMCPN Expert

      Anyone else succesfully installing Intel Graphics drivers on Win7-64 HII on Dell Latitude E6320 and E5520 laptops?  I am not having any luck getting the drivers injected during HII.  DISM fails during install, but when the machine boots up I can use "have disk" in Windows to install the INF-based driver from the exact same directory that DISM fails to inject.


      The next thing I tried was mounting my WIM read/write, using DISM to inject the driver right into the image, and then /unmount /commit.  This results in a succesful injection of the drivers, no DISM errors.  However, laying that image back down results in the laptops STILL showing a generic VGA adapter, not the Intel HD.  Very frustrating!


      Just wondering if anyone else has seen this or knows the fix.