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    bootfile.exe in vboot it not working




      After upgrading Landesk 9.0 from SP2 to SP3 vboot is not working.

      Have updated the OSD-script with the new commands from a SP3 script under [MACHINE].

      Client is downloading all files, but is first failing on LDDefrag.exe. This command is now removed from the script.

      Now the client is timing out on bootfile.exe (last command). Nothing happens on the client. I can see that bootfile.exe is started under TaskManager.


      Trying to start bootfile.exe manually with the paramaneters /keep /bootunsave a receive a message saying: Please specify drive letter...etc.


      Server: 2008 R2 LDMS 9.0 SP3

      Client: Win7x64 Norwegian with LD 9.0 Sp3 agent


      Anyone that have had this issue after upgrading to SP3

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          I am having the same problem when using my provisioning template to vboot on a newly uploaded HII image that contains the Dell Diagnostics partition.  I have yet to find a solution and gone back to the two partition (system and operating system) HII image I was using before.  It's really strange because I could f12 to pxe boot and image the machine fine, but if I wanted to deploy the OS with software using provisioning a similar error would occur at the defrag section of the template and would hang up and not reboot. I hope someone has some insight into this a solution would be great.