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    Pasting images/screenshots into HTML fields


      Hi guys,


      Just wondering if people can tell me what the current state of this issue is.  I found a few different posts about it from 6-12 months ago or more, but nothing conclusive.


      I'm seeing the following scenarios:


      1. I can't paste any images into HTML fields (eg. Incident "details"), in Web Access, in either IE8 or IE9

      2. I can paste images into HTML fields, in Web Access, in Firefox, but they don't get saved (only text entered into the field is saved)

      3. I can paste images into HTML fields via the Console, but, for example, when the Incident details display, it doesn't allow the field to scroll all the way to the bottom (see example attached)

      4. Images pasted via the Console do appear OK when viewing the incidents in Web Access, however we really need our users to be able to paste screenshots and the like in with their incident details


      We're using ServiceDesk 7.5, with the latest hotfixes.