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    How to modify my captured Windows 7 Image?


      Hi Folks,


      i'm working now for a few months with LANDesk 9 and i like the way how to capture my Images. And now i reached a point that i don't get: Is it possible to modify a captured Windows 7 Image?

      I use sysprep with the generalized oobe function and capture the client with OSD. The easiest way for me was to set up a fresh machine with the Windows 7 DVD and then go into Audit-Mode hitting CTRL + SHIFT + F3 to install any required software, updates and configuration. And now my company want's a new standard application which have to be installed on every client. It's no problem for me to deploy that new software using a Distribution Package, but if i have to set up a new machine (for a new employee for example) i have to deploy the image first and the required software afterwards.


      So, back to my question: How can i modify an existing Windows 7 Image created with IMAGEW V2? I tried to deploy the existing one with OSD, then rebooted into Audit-Mode, installed the new software and captured it again with the generalized oobe function. But after the Image was captured and the client restarts, while booting it popped-up an error like:

      Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]. The settings specified in the answer file cannot be applied....


      Does anyone know how to handle this or if exists a workarround?


      King regards and thanks for the support!