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    Patch manager and patching against a Custom Group on Mac OSX



      I am running LD90 SP3 with HP Management Pack but no component patches installed.

      Mac Agent is (deployed to mac clients), for this example the client OSX version is 10.7.3


      Apple vulnerabilites is downloaded, scanned for and being detected.


      I created a custom vulnerability group, put relevant patches for OSX there. Example Firefox12.0_Update

      When I create a repair task for this group, (in console, right click on patch group selecting repair, repair as a scheduled task)

      The task is created, I drop the client into the task and starts it.

      Then this happens:

      1) Task starts,

      2) I see activity on the client, LANDesk.log is beeing written to.

      3) No patches are installed! (even if there are relevant patches in the patch group for the client)

      4) Task status goes to successful with the status column=Done, Result=Incorrect function, Return code=1.


      Obviously not correct.


      When I look at the repair task I can se the followin command beeing run:

      REMEXEC0=\"/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin/ldpatch\" /repair \"group=<MY_CORE_NAME_v3169\" /taskid=%TASKID%, STATUS

      Trying to run this manually on the OSX client, same results. No patching beeing done. Only a what seems like a full vulnerability scan.


      Then I try running this command as admin on the OSX client:

      \"/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin/ldpatch\" /repair vulnerability=Firefox12.0_update

      Using this command I am able to repair the given vulnerability successfully!


      So the questions is:

      1) the '/repair "group=<groupID>" ' parameters does not appear to work as expected. Is this known, and how do we get a fix?

      2) why is "incorrect function." beeing seen as successful?


      Is anyone able to patch OSX clients against a custom group? If so, how do you do it?


      best regards,