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    Reimage Template

    jpozucek Apprentice

      We have an existing OSD Deployment using PXE servers to image devices.  I would like to create a template that does the same thing and add a number of our corporate apps as part of the System configuration section.  I have tried creating a Deploy Image action item using the imagew.exe command with the parth to the appropriate image .TBI .  This TBI installs the OS, the LANDesk Agent and anti-virus software.  It works fine through the PXE menu but I can't get it to run from a template/task.  As a test I created an Pre-OS Installation action item to just reboot the device.  This does not seem to run either.  I create a task for the reboot template.  Apply a delivery method that allows reboot and add the device.  Nothing happens.   When I look at Provisioning History of the device is just shows a status of "Waiting"?


      I must be missing something but I can't figure out what and why a simple reboot action doesn't work.  Just for fun, I created task based in the OSD Script and that runs and starts the image process but Templates don't seem to work.


      Any help would be great.  We have to reimage about 100 devices and I would love to do it unattended.