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    Additional host names

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      Hi All,


      I hope someone can help me out here.  We have recently installed the new management gateway appliance and have it pretty much up and running at this point.  We've given the device an external IP address and internal IP as well, both on eth0.  We can get connect to the device internally and externally.  We have given the appliance a hostname (to follow our naming standard) and then an additional host name (example below).


      Hostname:  LXXS-MYREMOTE

      Additional host name:  MYREMOTE


      Domain on both are set to: mydomain.com


      Internally, we can get to the appliance via both names and it's internal IP (both entries are in our DNS).  Externally, we can get to the appliance via IP and MYREMOTE.MYDOMAIN.COM.  I don't think the additional host names section is working quite right though because if we click on the 'Management Gateway Utilities' link, it tries to resolve http://LXXS-MYREMOTE.MYDOMAIN.COM/client/ instead of http://MYREMOTE.MYDOMAIN.COM/client/ and it ends up failing to find the page.  You CAN type in the http://MYREMOTE.MYDOMAIN.COM/client/ directly into the address bar and it gets to the page just fine.  We do not have the LXXS-MYREMOTE added to the external DNS at this point. 


      Does anyone have any thoughts on what we could look at/do?  We have not tested a PC with the agent/broker cert installed yet externally so I am not sure if communication is working there yet, this has only been on the on-demand agent side.  Please let me know if there are any questions or any other information is needed.