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    Incident Process Issue


      I have created a new process in LANDesk but getting error when trying to save the 'With Customer' window.

      I have attached the process steps as attachment - when I complete the With Customer and try to save, I get the following error:-


      There is an error in XML document (1,1)


      I have read on the portal that this could be a calculation issue. I originally built and tested the process with the first pre-condition calculation 'Is NOT Service Request' and worked. As I cannot have a condition after a pre-condition, I have created a PlaceHolder (automatic manual action) to move incident on to the condition. This is the calculation I have added and unable to test - if this was the issue, would the incident not move onto 'With customer status' if this was the case?


      Any ideas?

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          The automatic action that you mentioned shouldn't cause an issue.  A calculation (an attribute which has a calculation type set) can cause this error if there is an problem within the code of the calculation itself.  For example if your calculation doesn't specify what to do if a value is NULL or if there is bad syntax within the calculation code.


          You mentioned an attachment with details of your process which doesn't appear to be attached, can you please attach this or attach it to the support case that you've opened?


          Best wishes