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    Distribution tasks sit in pending


      I am relatively new to working in LD.


      I have created a task to install MS office viewers onto remote machines via a batch file that runs msexec. The bath file has been working fine on most machines that I deploy to.


      Some machines end up in 'pending' after starting the task and seem to sit there indefinitetly with the message of 'policy has been made available' and status of waiting.


      Can someone give me some insight into why this is? IE are the machines in question unable to  execute the package as they are waiting for another LD process to finish, do they need a reboot first, etc.


      Any help is apprecaited.


      As a side note this pending issue happens on all sorts of scripts that we have. Myself and our other admin have never quite pinpointed how to deal with it.

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          I have noticed this happening to me and here are a few thing you can look into.


          1. If it is saying waiting and it has not D/L the package yet, then it is usally waiting for another install to complete before the one in with the waiting status is adressed


          2. If it is saying waiting and it has already D/L the package. It is usally waiting for some sort of user interaction to happen. i.e. for them to close a particular application or it might just need to be rebooted.

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            I checked and the package has not been downloaded. Is there some way I can check to see what the machine is waiting on? IE could it be waiting on something else LD related or might it be something out of LD's control? (Such as a user initiated install?


            Sounds like for testing I could simply reboot the machine to clear whaever is waiting and test again. Not a good solution but a step forward for testing what is going on.

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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              Check the policy.sync.log on the workstation's ldclient map. Is it checking for the policy, did it download the task xml?