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    The location of TBI file


      Hello All,


      Our office is going to do a OS deployment next month, and we have question during the test. Our head office just provide a TBI file to us, and which is a image file for sure. My questions are:


      1) How can I import the TBI file to our core server? I can put it to anywhere as I want or there is a specific location to store the TBI file on Core server?


      2) When I create a deployment script by following the document "OS Deployment of Windows XP Using WinPE - Best Known Method - step 6" , on "deploy windows PE image" wizard, I have to enter the UNC path on "image type and path" option, when I enter the path of the TBI file, an error "can't access specified image file, verify the UNC image path and user credentials" showed.


      I tested the UNC path, and it is accessiable. And also, I tried all the image type (LANDesk imagew, LANDesk imagew v2, other, etc) the error keep prompting. How can I define the path for TBI file?


      Our environment:


      LDMS 9.0 sp2

      Windows 7 64bit TBI file





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          EMiranda Expert

          TBI can only be opened with LANDesk imagew v2.  when you hit the browse button do you get the window to pop up to select the image from the file select dialog?  If you are not getting that far then it sounds like an access issue.  Try FQDN or IP address to eliminate DNS.


          Try to go to start > RUN and just browse that path by UNC and see if you can access it.