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    Placing a version number in an Image?


      Hello Everyone


      Is there a way ,or what are your thoughts on, how to place a version/build number inside an image file.

      What I would like to be able to do is go to a machine and tell exactly what version of an image it was built with.


      Thoughts I have had at the moment are:

           Placing a file in the root of c:\               (but that could just get deleted)

           Setting a System Variable


      The images will be Windows 7, and I am still using LD9 SP2 (Upgrading soon hopefully)


      I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.



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          EMiranda Expert

          This is what I do for versioning...


          I create a registry entry for version control. I populate the registry for the image version using a reg add command in the RunSynchronousCommand section of my sysprepI actually add image name, version, date it was imaged, and other things...


          I then add those registry values in the LdAppl3.ini to be collected as custom data for Inventory.  This way I can now run queries on Image Versions, New Image names, How many machines were imaged in a month, etc.


          I also created a small autoIT script that i put on the computer's start menu that displays this info as well when ran.

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