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    Environment with static IP's


      Hello everybody,


      we've got an environment with static IP addresses. For LDMS Server and WINPE (for Provisioning) no problem.

      But has somebody any idea to set static IP Adress for the traget OS (Windows XP Pro / ImageX image with Sysprep Reseal Mode)?


      Thing's i have tried:


      - set up the Network Config Section in the Sysprep.inf answerfile with variables from Console

      --> This isn't supported from MS and don't work, only when you use sysprep your image in "Factory Settings Mode"!


      - modifiy the commandlines.txt unter C:\Sysprep\i386\$OEM$, these commands are excuted after MINI-Setup

      --> this didn't work for me but "CTOS" is going to create an entry in this file. When I create this file before CTOS works, then CTOS will fail.

      --> After CTOS Step there is no way to create a file or add a command to commandlines.txt, because CTOS initiates a reboot.


      - Modify the GUIRunOnceKey in Sysprep.inf

      --> The Execution of Commands in Section "GUIRunOnce" are to late. When Windows starts up, LDProvisiong cannot start, because no IP.

      --> The Execution of GUIRunOnce is later than LDProvision


      - Setting Local Policies (StartupScripts) in Windows

      --> I've tried to set up a local policy with startup script are excuted before user logs into Windows.

      --> Same Problem: LDProvision cannot startup, because there are no ip.



      My command that i want to execute ist: netsh .... for setting up an ip address.


      Someboy any idea?