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    How do you handle approvals/rejections on mobile devices for Change Approvals


      Currently when the Requestor selects his approvers for the Request for Change it sends an e-mail to those users.  Most use Blackberries, PDA, and IPads if out of the office.  The e-mail includes a link to the web, but that is time consuming and outside of our network.  I am new to LANDesk and we are pushing to go live soon just as a note. 


      I have search on this site for the possibility of when the approver receives the e-mail - it will have an approve/reject button and also a description of the change requested, but cannot seem to find an answer to this question.


      I am looking at bringing the LANDesk tech back in to help, but was reaching out to those that have had Service Desk implemented for a long period of time and see if they had any suggestions or solution for this type of request.