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    add attachments at creation

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      I'm using Service Desk 7.5 and have gotten a number of comments from users wanting to be able to attach files to incidents or requests at the time of creation.  If they email in an attachment, it creates with the attachment fine, but they don't have the option to Add Attachment through the SelfService portal until after they have saved the ticket.  I suspect this is because the ticket doesn't have a status yet and according to the documentation:


      NOTE: You must have the relevant application to view attached files.
      You cannot attach files that are larger than 4MB; for files larger than this, we recommend that you store the file on a specified directory and put the path to this directory in the attachment name.
      The process must be at the correct status for you to be able to add attachments, that is, the action must be visible on the Actions list.
      You must also have the privilege to add attachments.
      You cannot attach files that are already open – you must first close the file.


      Is there some kind of way to get around this?  Users are getting in the habit now of creating a ticket then emailing an attachment to someone on the helpdesk who then has to go in and attach the file to the ticket which is rather inconvenient.

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          You can add Attachment attribute in the Incident/Request business object and show it in User window. This is one way to add attachment at the time of creation. And leave the optional action Add Attachment at Open status or in other status.




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            itskiguy Apprentice

            I think I've already got that set.  Below is the Attachment attribute's properties for the Web Access window.  ShowOnWindow and Display on Tree are the properties you were talking about?



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              Did this ever get solved? We have a very similar situation with a HR related process. Users cannot submit a call unless it contains an attachment. I can't find a way to display the Add Attachment action unless they first hit SAVE and the call reaches OPEN status. (which is causing confusion).


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                elizabethcombrink Expert

                If you use the Attachments collection ( which is populated by the Add Attachment action) you have to wait for the process to be saved.


                If however, you are happy to have this attachment in a different place, you can create an attribute of type Attachment on incident/ activity / request or even process) and put that on the window your users can populate before a save takes place. ( the process you've attached here will need a different precondition before the Submit action)