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    Tracking hard drive usage with LDMS reports?




      I created a query that tells me how much hard drive space is left on my office servers but I'm wondering if it's possible to keep daily records and then display them in a line graph through LDMS reports?



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          I don't think there is any simple out-of-the-box way to achieve this?? Hmmm.... LANDesk has an inventory history feature which could potentially record all the changes to the 'available space' attribute for devices. But that may result in a lot of excess data in the database and you would then also need to investigate if you could export this to excel or use the custom report feature to present changes over time in a graph as you have requested.


          The company I work for have a non default tool called Verismic Archive Analytics that provides similar historical data analysis but I again would need to check if we have this report built in and as a habit I try to avoid presenting non default behaviour as a solution to community posts. If you do wish for me to check this out let me know.


          Good luck finding a solution


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            Final thought....


            Perhaps if this is a non regulalar requirement one option would be to export several CSV files of data over a period of time from LANDesk with the 'available space' attribute and then just create the timeline report in Excel. Manual effort but would probably give you what you want in terms of historical data.