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    Error creating knowledge article from incident


      We've recently stood up LD and we're receiving an error trying to create a knowledge article upon incident resolutions.  Error is:


      Null value set for attribute Type of class type Knowledge.Article.  This attribute is mandatory and must contain a non-null value.


      Again, we're new to LD and I'm sure it's an easy fix, so please be gentle.



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          Hi Jacob


          I take it in your process you have an automatic action of Create Article?  You just need to define a value, probably a static value in this case so that it populates the Type attribute for you.  If you take a look at the LDSD Designer guide (haven't posted a link as wasn't sure what SD version you're using) but within the Process Designer chapter there should be a section regarding Specifying dynamic values for automatic actions.  This should explain what you need to do.


          Or if you're still stuck shout back and I can talk you through it, or throw up some screen shots.



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            Thanks for the reply Helen.  I looked through the guide and am a little stuck.  We're running 7.5 btw.



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              Ok, we're on 7.4 but I don't imagine there's any difference.


              If you open the Process that has the Automatic "Create Article" Action in it in Process Design.  Double click the "Create Article" Action and it should open up the Article window.  On this window you should have the attribute Type (or Article Type) - the process needs this to have a value in it before it can create the Article hence the error message.  I'm assuming these auto created Actricles will all have the same type so the easiest thing to do is just set a static value in there - so just use the dropdown and select one of the values.  All Articles that are created in this way will all have this Article Type set for them.


              You can also set runtime values for any of the other fields on that window that would copy the information from the Incident Resolution into the Article.  To use a runtime rightclick in the field, select Runtime Value, a new window appears.  Select Specify a filter for the collection and then navigate through to what info you want.  So in my enviroment if I wanted the Incident Resolution copied I expand Incident, then Resolution then tick next to Description.  This populates the field with {_Incident/Resolutions/Description}, you can pretty much pull any information onto the Article window from Incident.  I've attached a screenshot as an example.


              If any of the LANDesk guys are looking they can maybe give you better instructions than me.


              Article Example.jpg