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    Windows 7 Deployment


      Do we have to recapture the Windows 7 image after we upgrade to Service Pack 3? Also what about my Provisioning templates are they still good? Is there a best practice document for capturing an image with SP3? I am working on getting the drivers organized for HII and need to know if I have to start completly over.

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          If you refer to your actual Windows 7 OS image then I would say the answer to your first question is no. I can see no reason why you necessarily have to re-capture that. Unless it is out of date and you wish to update it with a new service pack etc. Your provisioning templates will in the most part still be good but I can't say for sure because I don't know what custom stuff you call. The significant difference to core provisioning functionality in SP3 is that the HII driver management has changed somewhat. You no longer have the model mapping feature in SP3, instead LANDesk opted for a more dynamic driver library option.


          If you have a folder structure of all your PnP drivers for HII after SP3 you point the HII GUI option at that folder and it enumerates them into a library database file which is then used by HII. Some people have reported false positives with specific hardware models, but I believe there is a post SP3 MCP update which helps there.


          For PnP driver injection I personally choose between using the LANDesk GUI in SP3 or just use the WAIK dism.exe utility directly which allows you to enumerate a folder structure of PnP drivers using the /add-driver switch.


          In terms of best practice for capturing an image you can use ImageW.exe but I personally would recommend using ImageX.exe in your provisioning template as this will create a .WIM type file which can be easily mounted, and updated with new patches/service packs etc. Capturing an image is very simple in high level summary:


          • Build OS, Run Sysprep with OOBE + Generalize + Shutdown options, Boot to WINPE, Run Provisioning Template to Map drive to Server + Run ImageX.exe to capture image.


          During the service pack 3 application, the upgrade process will at least try and automatically move any WinPE drivers you had injected for your PXE reps to the new Boot.wim file.


          As always backup your core server, any important files, and database before the upgrade so you have a backout plan. And if you work with LANDesk directly or a partner I would seek help with an upgrade if you are uncertain.


          Wish you the best of luck with it anyway


          Kind Regards