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    Sending Messages to Clients Via LANDesk

    zeetwoeight Apprentice


      Hi all,



      I' ve poked around in the forum and done some reading in the LANDesk docs but I can't find info on messaging clients in LANDesk.  Is this possible?  I want to send an installation package to a client (group of clients) and then send a message to them (pop-up message) indicating that the pkgs are there and ready to be installed.  Can this be done? 






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          zman Master

          Nothing baked in, but I think if you purchased Process Manager you could work something out. It would be more robust than the normal solutions using NET SEND, a job that loads an html page, etc...

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            beau.gordon Employee

            Thanks for the upsell suggestion zman


            Can you give a few more details on the desired behavior?  You want to pop up a message to the user when the package is copied down and ready to install.  Do you want to give the user the option to install or not to install?  What should happen if no user is logged in (proceed with install, prompt them at next login, abort)?  What should happen if there is a user logged in but they don't acknowledge the prompt?


            I think that you may be able to do what you want with the right delivery method depending on your desired outcome.

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              zman Master

              LOL. I believe, could be wrong, is that he wants to provide access to an optional policy and let the user(s) know it is available via some form of message.

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                Actually, I've gotten a few requests for an ability to post an emergency message on every workstation, e.g. "intruder in building 42", which is what I thought he meant. A push isn't immediate enough in a large environment, but would do in a smaller one. Another good option within LANDesk is a frequent security scan plus a custom vulnerability that displays a message from a file in the ldlogon directory if it's present.



                The difficult part of this request is that, if you need an emergency broadcast capability that the phones can't support, you're probably not going to be thinking at your clearest; it needs to be the sort of thing where it's really quick and easy to use.Process Manager can be a good way to convert something memorable like an email or file drop into a net send command or a local client popup.






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                  I would love to have this "feature" built into LANDesk.  I can do it with Deep Freeze (only installed on lab machines) but would prefer to do it within LANDesk.  Not only would this be a great tool in case of emergency, but it would give me another reason to get LANDesk installed on EVERY machine on campus.  As it is right now, the use of LANDesk is optional on campus machines, but this feature would definitely help my cause