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    landing page for Bare Metal Provisioning?


      I am about to take delivery of new computers which I would like to pretarget to various provisioning tasks so that I can simply plug them in and PXE boot them straight into WinPE provisioning...I'm having trouble finding a landing page for this kind of proceedure.


      Can someone point me to where I might start to learn this process?


      I'd like to take my list of MAC addresses, which were provided by the supplier, and then get them setup with what I would like their machine names and computer descriptions to be.  During the provisioning process I really don't want to have to do any manual input such that all I have to do is press F12 on boot and then see them arrive at the other end of the process ready to go to users...


      ...there are smatterings of bare metal posts here but I can't find anything which describes the whole process.



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          Benjamin THIEN Specialist

          For bare metal, you have to right clic In Configuration/Bare metal server and ADD peripherics... after you can inject your mac addresses files, after that you just have to drag the item in bare metal to your provisioning schedules task and lauch it.

          But i don't know how boot machines without press F12 and choose NIC PXE boot...


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            I'm aware of the ability to import the mac addresses...


            ...but what I was hoping to learn how to do was get beyond that by adding machine names and machine descriptions to the landesk database so that these bare metal machines have more of an identity than a simple mac address, which is not a useful identifier for HUMANS.


            The COMPUTER.DEVICENAME is a landesk database value that I want to set for all of the MAC addresses that I have

            The COMPUTER.DESCRIPTION is the computer description from the database also, I'd like to set this to align with the device name and eventually use this as an ASSET TAG value



            Currently I pretty much have to manually set these values for each machine after it is provisioned...I'm hoping to save all of that work by simply pre-populating the Landesk Database with these three pieces of information so that I can eliminate that manual interaction all together.


            -does anyone know how to do this?

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              In my environment I use ldhostname as a varieable in my unattend.xml file and that variable points to Computer.Device name.  That being said when i do my bare metal i can use my MAC or ST (Dell) as an identifire and actually name the device at that point.

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                I'm not following your process...


                I don't have any problem naming machines or applying computer descriptions with provisioning (for machines that already exist in the LD Database), my problem is that when I am importing information for machines which are not even at my doorstep yet, I don't know how to pre-populate the LD Database with any value other than the MAC address using the BARE METAL import feature.


                How does your process help in this situation?  How do you assign specific names/descriptions to a bare metal machine?



                My data import needs to look like this:




                I will get the MAC addresses from my supplier and I will assign the other two fields based on a person's name.  I want to place all 3 fields into the LD Database so that I can pretarget the machines for their respective tasks before I ever unbox the computers.

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                  I can't get all 3 pieces you are asking.  What I do is when I add a mcahine in bare metal I use MAC or Service Tag as my identifier and then give the PC a name.  That name is now "Computer" "Device Name" which points to my ldhostname varieable which i also have in my unattend.xml file during the specialize pass.  So when the provisioning process is at that pass it looks to LDMS for what that computer is named and then injects it there.  You can look at the following document attached here http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22507 starting on page 23

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                    Okay, thanks.


                    I'm clear on how to set the LDHOSTNAME or COMPUTER.DEVICENAME as part of the MAC address import process for bare metal machines.  I can view ALL DEVICES and verify that the import works and that two pieces of data are added to the LD Database.  That gives me 2 of the 3 pieces that I need.


                    I have no problems reapplying the existing COMPUTER.DEVICENAME as part of my provisioning process; that has never been an issue.  I believe that I do this the same way that you do it as this has always been the Landesk-approved method for Win7 deployments.


                    All that I need to do at this point is figure out how to update the LD Database for each of these devices to add a value for the COMPUTER.DESCRIPTION and I'll be all set.


                    thanks again WRGodwin

                    -anyone have any other ideas?