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    Can't patch or distribute software using policy to clients using LANDesk gateway


      We are running LANDesk 9.0 SP3.    I have LD90-SP3-CP_RC-2012-0605 and LD90-SP3-CP_BASE-2012-0605 installed on my core and have rebuilt my LANDesk agents  I just recently installed the LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance.


      I also installed the EE_Cert patch and installed a signed Geotrust SSL certifcate to my LANDesk Cloud Services appliance if that helps.  The certificate appears to be working fine without any issues.


      I am testing a client off site that has the LANDesk agent and sucessfully switched to gateway mode.  I am able to remote control this client off site using the LANDesk Management Gateway but I can't seem to distribute software or patch using policies.  


      Is there something I am missing?  I tried forcing a policy refresh by launching Desktop Manager.  I was able to post a certificate to the client using BrokerConfig.exe


      Once the client is in gateway mode should I be able to run security and inventory scans if I initiate them from the client?  They currently fail.  The agent is configured with the FQDN for the core server.