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    Time out a scheduled distribution job on a machine that is taking too long and show status for the machine as failed with proper message.




      I am using LANDesk 9 with SP3.

      I use LANDesk to deploy a software built in house plus some other tools. I take advantage of the queuing capabilities and run multiple tasks at the same time as they are not dependant on one another. The first task starts, others are queued, all runs fine.

      But sometimes, some services on some machines get stuck when being shutdown by the msi installation. When this happens the first task for the machine never ends, and all other tasks are queued indefinitely for that machine until someone comes in and the service that is stuck is killed.

      What I would like to, if possible, is to set a time out and mark the machine in the task as failed if distribution is not finished within 1h.

      Is this possible and if it is, can you give instructions?


      Thank you very much.