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    Inbound Email Update Mappings Help


      Currently my Inbound Email is not updating incidents when users email the Servicedesk inbox. I know this is down to my Mappings after reading the community article but unable to amend these for Notes - it only gives me option set for Creation only not Updates, this is greyed out.


      I want to do the following:


      Creation only for Title = Email Subject and Description = Email Body. I have the option to set as both - Creation and Update, but won't this update the fields with there update? I don't want to do this, I would like to add as a Note when its an update, as...

      Update only for Note Title = Email Subject and Note Text = Email Body. This is where its greyed out though!


      Can anyone advise what I am missing to set updates up for our inbound emails please?

      Any help appreciated

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          This is what our mappings are like.


          If people reply to the inbox and the tickets are not being updated maybe you have the option to ignore any emails with 're' (found in Email Settings> Inbound e-mail> Subjects to ignore



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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            The only time a ticket will update those fields are if your "Update" criteria are matched.  You set this key word or words under your Action settings within Mail.


            Note should be set to update only.  This way when a response comes in from a note that was sent out, it'll create a new note within that ticket.  We used to typically just have the subject and body set to creation only, simply because we didn't want anything changed on the ticket by mistake due to an email.


            In order to get a ticket to update as a note, you'll need to set something in your process that when you choose "Add Note", it'll email the user.  Once the user responds to that email, it'll then get processed as a new note within the system.


            My system is currently down that has my workflows, but once it's back up I can send a screenshot if you'd like.

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              Darren.Bradshaw Expert

              This is our mapping on the notes collection.



              We I created the mapping it only gave the option on creation.


              Have you checked that you are using your Keyword at the start of the subject line?  And that the Incident Number follows it.


              So the subject line would look something like:


              Update: 123


              Our works well,we use this in different parts of different processes to move the processes on depending what the user sent in.